YDG313 (Rim Lock for Glass Doors) Pin Code, RF Card Key & Remote Control (Optional)

Features & Benefits:

  • Various Access (PIN Code or RF Card Key, Remote control-optional)
  • Magic Mirror
  • Safe Thumb-Turn
  • Clip Type Bracket (Can be installed on Glass Doors of 9-13mm thickness)
  • High Temperature Alarm
  • Fake PIN Code
  • Advanced Mode
  • Visitor Code (Unique one-time visitor code which lapses after single operation)

Technical Details:

  • Pin Code: 4-12 digits
  • Color: Mirror Finish
  • Front Body Dimension: 36(D) x 72(W) x 185(H) mm
  • Back Body Dimension: 13(D) x 66(W) x 179(H) mm